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Collected samples from the harmful wastes of metalworking fluids which accumulated in time are controlled in our laboratory. If the liquid is proper for use; all your wastes can be cleaned and recycled by our mobile centrifuge and filtration system and become reusable for you. In this way, we protect both the environment and your company's possible waste costs with every waste that can be reused.

Periodic measurements of your coolants are carried out by our team every 20 days. If required, laboratory services are granted by us.



Over time, bacteria and fungi can accumulate in the coolant tanks. For this reason, the decomposition and decay of liquids occur, and the performance decreases. Therefore, the storage and internal compartments of CNC machines should be cleaned with system cleaners in certain periods. Under normal circumstances, it may take 4 to 8 hours for an average machine to be cleaned by the operator.

The cleaning operation is provided in a fast and precise way with our expert team and professional machines in the days that you specify.

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